KGA Inaugural day

10 NOVEMBER 2023 North Sweden European Office, Avenue des Arts 11, 1210 St Josse, Brussels


Arrival of participants and welcome and introduction session

Moderator Prof. Emanuele Ghedini, UniBo

Thoughts from European Commission

Peter Dröll, Director prosperity, DG Research and Innovation

OntoCommons Roadmap

Prof. Dimitris Kiritsis, Advisor, University of OSlo, OntoCommons

Commons toward innovation

Michela Magas, Chair, ICF

Introduction to KG-Alliance

Prof. Hedi Karray, CEO, KGA

KGA Activities roadmap

Arkopaul Sarkar, CTO, KGA

Industrial Session

Moderator : Ana Correia, Senior researcher, ATB Bremen

Tane Piper, Software engineering Leader, IKEA

Frédéric Verhelst, Head Data Management, TotalEnergies, EP Denmark

Jean-Charles Leclerc, Innovation & Standards, TotalEnergies

Claude Fauconnet, President, SousLeSens

Pierre Kiener, Senior Fellow Elastomer, Michelin

Olivier Rossel, Ontologist, Airbus

Lars Berthinussen, Managing director POSC Cesar Association (PCA)

Inter industrials Discussion


Moderator : Michela Magas, Chair, ICF

Mattio Trino, Operations and Policy manager, BDVA

Jim Wilson, President and CEO OAGi

Gerhard Goldbeck, Executive secretary EMMC

Dan Collier, Founder, Semantic Partners

Chris Decubber, General Consultant EFFRA


Supplychain use case, Farhad Ameri, ASU

Wrap up and closing

Michela Magas and Hedi Karray

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