We are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar on the demonstration and launch of the SousLeSens working group, scheduled for 24th May from 16:30 CET to 18:00 CET. This webinar also serves as a pre-ESWC event, where SousLeSens will present a peer-reviewed paper in the resource track.

The SousLeSens working group is a collaborative initiative focused on the development and enhancement of the SousLeSens suite of tools. SousLeSens is a specialized toolset designed to navigate, compare, visualize, and enrich SKOS vocabularies and OWL ontologies. It is freely available under the MIT license on the GitHub repository and offers capabilities for knowledge graph representations, queries, and triple store generation and management. KGA hosts SousLeSens and strives to make it globally available for all users. 

The working group aims to improve the system’s features, align it with ontology engineering methodology, and make it compatible with popular standard ontologies. SousLeSens is developed with industry professionals to make the semantic web and ontologies more accessible and useful for industries. The project began as an open-source initiative and has since succeeded with industrial partnerships with TotalEnergies. This webinar will be highly informative for the experts and enthusiasts who want to join the open-source development community of SousLeSens.

During the webinar, we will demonstrate the features and capabilities of SousLeSens and provide an overview of the working group’s scope and purpose. We will discuss our collaborative planning and development approach, enhancement of existing features, testing and assessment methodology, integration with ontology engineering methodology, compatibility with standard ontologies, and plans for establishing a steering committee. We will also provide information on how to access the tools, both free and premium, with plugins and services. Join us to experience the visual semantic engineering using SousLeSens. 

Detailed Agenda

Jean Charles Leclerc

Genesis of SousLeSens

16:30 CET to 16:50 CET

Claude Fauconnet

Demonstration, Tutorial, and Discussion on the Working Group

16:50 CET to 18:00 CET